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  • General Management at C-Level
  • Consulting in Management-, Organization-, Market access-, Change- and Transformation
  • Chief Digital officer (Digital analyst and Digital transformation)
  • All aspects of project Leadership with agile strategic mindset including P&L optimization
  • Professional Scrum Master and Professional Product Owner
  • All aspects of commercial operations (Sales & Marketing B2B, B2C, GO2Market)
  • Extensive knowledge of positioning different product in different EU-market
  • Business development, establishment of operating models and development of strategies capitalize on growth opportunities
  • Expert in pharmaceutical business for Oncology, Neurology and Women Health care (Menopause-, Fertility-, Contraception-, Osteoporosis)
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Strategic, Management and Organization

We help clients make lasting improvements to the effectiveness of their investments and interactions with customers across all channels to drive their growth.

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New Market Penetration

We help clients address specific challenges in their Go-2-market strategy, sales-force effectiveness, key-account management, and other relevant areas.

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Product Launch

We help to optimize product portfolios and brand strategies to achieve best market access.

About us

Fanaei Consultants brings an innovated approach to develop successful business strategies across Pharmaceutical industry, Biotech companies, healthcare professional organization, and Patient nonprofit organization.

What We Do

Our experience conducting complex marketing and sales transformations helps clients organize their projects and build the capabilities they need in a coordinated and sustainable way. We collaborate with clients in following primary ways:

  • Clarifying the role of marketing and sales to link it with other areas of the business to effect strategic goals.
  • Designing the optimal organizational model for marketing. Collaborating with our clients, we help build clear understanding of what marketing “owns”—and which activities reside elsewhere in the business.
  • To build institutional skills grounded in the strategic behavioral, management, and technical systems, force change at the front line, working collaboratively at all levels including more traditionally constituencies, such as front-line sales.

Sepideh has studied at Albertus Magnus University Cologne and completed her PhD on Molecular Genetic Analyses of Hirschsprung Disease. Sepideh brings extensive and diverse experience over two decades in commercial operations and leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry and biotech startups. She offers 12 years cancer research experiences in academic positions like DKFZ at Heidelberg and University clinic Essen. Since 2012 she has been an independent consultant, supporting leaders of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on core challenges facing the healthcare industry. Sepideh has worked extensively on new-business building, top-team effectiveness, broad commercial transformations, brand strategy and more…

Sepideh and her Team cover the whole value chain from early discovery strategies through clinical development to commercialization and reimbursement. Recent examples include:

  • Supporting a number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in developing Go-2-market strategies
  • Advising on local, regional and global launch readiness program for primary care and specialty care drugs

Outside her client work, Sepideh has led Series of satellite meetings at major global professional conferences. She is also active member of leading cancer treatment organizations such as the American Society for Clinical Oncology.

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